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Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Boeing 747

Not so very many years ago it was only the rich who could afford to fly long distances - the rest of us had to stay at home or in our own country. The development of commercial aviation brought prices down but it was the introduction of the Jumbo Jet in 1970 which really made air travel available to everyone at reasonable prices, albeit in not very luxurious and rather cramped accommodation. By last year - 2008 - about 1500 of these aircraft had been produced, and most people who have flown long distances have flown in one of them. Only recently has a rival aircraft been introduced - the Airbus A380 - and the 747 continues to dominate the long distance mass travel market. So in less than 40 years our lives have changed and most of us in the opulent west can now manage to fly to the other side of the world at least once in our lives.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed aviation did change our lives, our world became much smaller ... but just like human mankind those crazy flying machines don't always operate like they have to ... so it might also shorten our lives ! You see I'm not very keen of flying although once upon a time I enjoyed being a passenger in a DC10 and an Aeroflot one ... a really courageous act of me ... Yet, as aviation was a big step for mankind it became also the founder for our reach to the universe and this is REAL thrilling !