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Friday, 5 June 2009

The Cell Phone

This device hasn't changed my life as I don't use mine very much, but for millions of people instant communication is now very much a part of their daily routine.
One example came to my attention in the early days of the mobile telephone. A transport company regularly carried loads from London to Glasgow. On arrival in Glasgow, the driver would phone his base and if there was a load to bring back, he would collect it. But often there was nothing and he would return empty. When his boss gave him a mobile, the company was able to contact him wherever he was and divert him to collect loads as they became available, thus increasing their profitability.
The current generation is growing up with cell phones as an "essential" - they will probably never know what life was like without them - like air-conditioning, refrigerators and a myriad other devices we somehow managed without for hundreds of years !

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