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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I suppose that technically electricity was discovered rather than invented, but the uses to which it has been put are inventions. The light bulb has probably changed our lives more than any other by extending our daily lives into the night. OK we had candles and oil lamps, and then gaslight, but none of these provided a reliable, steady and sufficiently bright source of light. Just try to imagine your life without light bulbs or their equivalents such as neon strips. And then think of all the other uses for electricity which we take for granted but without which our lives would be very different - and much harder. Nuff said !


  1. Its cool reading about the discovery of electricity as opposed to it being invented. However, we're thankful that due to this, inventions like the light bulb and the air conditioner exist today.

  2. it is the light that has shaped the nights into day.